"PETS" wins the jurys prize at "Videonale Friedrichshagen"

16th of march 2019

At this years "Videonale Friedrichshagen" my short-film "PETS" has won the jurys prize.

"Fest der Sinne" awarded for "Best Picture"

21th of February 2018

​My Short-Film "Fest der Sinne" has been awarded for "Best Picture" at the 99fire-films award 2018, out of over 3000 entries. This is unbelievable!

"Knapp" nominated for "Best Picture"

17th of February 2017

My Short-Film "Knapp" was selected as one of three nominees for "Best Picture" from over 3000 entries. I feel very honored.

"Knapp" at Top99

09th of February 2017

My entry for the 99fire-Films-Award 2017 "Knapp" was selected for the Top99.

There is gonna be one week of voting to choose the "audience award". If you are interested, you are welcome to vote here:


"Leben in Grau" at ARFF Festival

01th of February 2017

My animated short-film "Leben in Grau"(Life in Grey) has been selected for the official selection at the "Around Films Festival" and is gonna be screened at Barcelona.


"Reichtum" won the second Place

11th of Oktober 2013

Today is the "Live-Rock-Talk-Show"-Event of Coppelius. Beside a concert, there will be the presentation ceremony for the music-video-contest, they have made for their new song "Reichtum", where I made the second place.

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