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"Ihr habt gewonnen" |  Music Video, 00:04:35


A music video for the band "Knorkator".

For this video I was DOP and worked on the visuel effects.


Release: October 2022

"Forgettable Man" |  Short Film, 00:03:00


A robbery doesn´t go as planned.

My entry to "My RØDE Reel 2020".


Release: October 2020

"Endstation" |  Short Film, 00:04:45


A weird man inside the underground. Infront of him a child. Something seems off.
My graduation film in "Digital Film Design/VFX".


Release: April 2019

"Pets" |  Short Film, 00:05:25


The future is clean and easy, with the intellegent spheres guiding you through.


Release: April 2018

"Fest der Sinne" |  Videoclip, 00:01:48


An abstract critique of the fast-food-industry.

My Entry for the 99Fire-Films Award 2018.

This video was created within 99 hours.

It has been awarded for "Best Film" out of over 3000 entrys!


Release: February 2018

"The Cycle" |  Short Film, 00:09:28


An apprentice of magic finds out, that she herself is her greatest enemy.


Release: October 2017

"Völlig Normal" |  Demo-Scene, 00:02:04


A short demo-reel-scene I have produced for the actor Timothi Kelch.


Release: Mai 2017

"Just another Superhero Movie" |  Short Film, 00:06:18


Andrew used his spare time to build his own superhero-suit. But how was this even possible?


Release: March 2017

"Diseased" |  Musik Video, 00:04:35


A music-video of the band "Chromaphonic", that I made camera and light for.


Release: March 2017

"knapp" |  Videoclip, 00:01:48

Looking in the mirror, Mark is making a horrible discovery.

My Entry for the 99Fire-Films Award 2017.

This video was created within 99 hours and has been nominated for "Best Picture".


Release: January 2017

"Leben in Grau" |  Animated Short Film, 00:01:48


A dejected person is wandering through a dark world in black and white, until it finds a mysterious object, that is gonna change everything.


Release: August 2016

"Botin der Liebe" |  Short Film, 00:02:45

Peter is excited. His great love is gonna be at the doorstep soon.

My entry for the competition "Why Mail?"



Release: March 2016

"dalang" |  Videoclip, 00:01:54


Lost in the city without a sense of direction? Luckily there are friendly people you can ask.


My Entry for the 99Fire-Films Award 2016.

This video was created within 99 hours.



Release: February 2016

"Herbst Summen" |  Short Film, 00:04:49


Max, Rieke and Sören are on the road to go camping - In late autumn. On their side is the co-driver, the fly.



Release: November 2015

"Der aufrechte Gang" |  Videoclip, 00:01:55


A video about moral courage.


My Entry for the 99Fire-Films Award 2015.

This video was created within 99 hours.


Release: January 2015

"Haus Brennt" |  Musik Video, 00:04:25


Meine filmerische Interpretation des Songs "Haus Brennt" von "Shaban und Kaptn Peng".

Ein Feuerwerk an Visual Effects und Absurdität.

My music video for the song "Haus Brennt" of "Shaban und Kaptn Peng".

It is a firework of absurditys.


Release: June 2014

"Mauritius on the way to Rio" |  Videoclip, 00:01:30


This video is part of a web-video-series, where a football is traveling from Mauritius through all qualified countries of the FIFA-Wordcup 2014, ending up in Rio. I created the video for germany. It has been broadcasted on mauritien television.


Release: Mai 2014

"Gefahr" |  Short Film, 00:03:37


A young man is working on a technical device in a suitcase. Is it a bomb? Danger!


Release: August 2012

"Coppelius - Reichtum" |  Music Video, 00:03:41


A musik video for the song "Reichtum" from the german band "Coppelius".


The video was created for a video contest and made second place.


Release: February 2013

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